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I'm George MacDonald. As a counsellor and psychotherapist living in Stockport, and serving clients in Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire. I help people to overcome problems, and improve their lives.

I have worked in primary care, bereavement, and a university setting. I have also worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS and have a coaching practice that helps people find success in work, business and life.

My training and affiliations include accreditation by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (membership number 619798), registration on the BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (certificate number 26972), postgraduate diploma in counselling, IGA diploma in groupwork proactice, associate membership of the IGA, Masters degree in psychology and counselling and a Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling. I am in the late stages of completing a Doctorate in counselling at the University of Manchester.

"Without your help I can't imagine where I would be right now"
                                              24 year old male


"Thanks for the help and confidence I've gained"
                                           33 year old female


"Through our three sessions you helped me enormously ... I would not have got there so completely and quickly without your help"
                                           21 year old female

I trained and practice integratively, bringing together elements from different approaches.

I have also trained to work psychodynamically and this is the approach I take in longer term work. This can be particularly helpful if you want to look deeper, address issues from the past, or have tried other approaches.

For employment issues, coaching may be more appropriate.

I have a research interest in culture and I welcome clients from all backgrounds and orientations

I hope you find the information and links in this website useful. It is not a substitute for counselling, but may assist you in your search.



Counselling ot therapy can help to alleviate distress, and address behavioural problems. It is an effective, evidence based processes, producing significant improvements that can be life changing.

Talking confidentially with a trained therapist helps you to understand problems and make improvements in your life. It is governed by a strong code of ethics, enforced by professional bodies.

You may suffer from depression, anxiety or stress. Perhaps there has been a traumatic event, the loss of a loved one, a health problems, redundancy, or a painful issues from the past. There may be behavioural difficulties related to eating or a harmful activity. You may have relationship or employment problems. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your life or just feel that you cannot go on.

You may be actively seeking a counsellor, or may not yet have decided that counselling is for you. If you would like a free initial session, call me on 0753 3776719, email to, or use the contact form in 'contact me'.