Cancellation Policy

We hope that cancellations will not happen, but we need to be prepared. There are three situations:

  1. Cancellation of a registration by a delegate
  2. Cancellation of a registration by us
  3. Cancellation of an event

Delegates who register through Eventbrite and/or pay through PayPal may complain to these organisation if they feel that they are not been treated in accordance with their published rules and policies.  Both organisations offer guarantees.

1. Cancellation of a registration by a delegate

In the case of provisional registrations i.e. those that are not accompanied by full payment (either through Eventbrite or directly with us); we will hold the reservation for 14 days from the date of the reservation, or the date of issue of the invoice (whichever is later).  After this time, we may cancel it. All registrations must be paid prior to the start of the event and we will not admit delegates unless payment or an acceptable guarantee has been received.

Delegates may cancel their registration at any time by email to or by calling 0161-483-7773.  We have disabled cancellations via Eventbrite for security reasons.  Your refund will be calculated from the time of the email or call.  The basis for the refund will be as follows:

Days before event Percentage
10 or less 0%
10-21 50%
21-60 75%
More than 60 90%

In this context, a day is a time period of 24 hours, calculated backwards from the scheduled start time of the event.

If the registration is made on the basis of a multi-person registration, then an individual delegate may cancel.  In this case, the cost of the multi-person registration will be recalculated on the basis of the new number of delegates and the classes of registration and prices that applied at the time when the original registration was made. The refund will be based on the difference between old and new prices – subject to reduction according to the percentages given in the table above.  The refund will be made to the person registered as the purchaser on the Eventbrite order or to any person nominated in writing by the purchaser. This refund will always be less than the per-person cost of the multi-person registration and the allocation of monies between the delegates is the responsibility of the purchaser. Mindsite will not become involved in disputes between delegates regarding the allocation of refunds.

We will normally allow the substitution of delegates on any individual or multi-person  registration, subject to notification prior to the start of the event by email to or by telephone to 0161-483-7773.  If changes are made within 24 hours of the start of the event then we may not be able to provide printed name badges or certificates of attendance.  In these cases, certificates of attendance may be ordered from the website.

2. Cancellation of a registration by us

We reserve the right to decline registrations without the need to give a reason.

We reserve the right to cancel registrations at any time up to the start of the event.  If we cancel a registration then we will immediately inform the delegate using the email address provided at the time of registration.  We will then provide a full refund of all monies paid, as quickly as reasonably possible, and in the manner described in ‘Refunds’ below.

3. Cancellation of the event

We may cancel the event in two situations – ‘inadequate interest’ or ‘circumstances beyond our control’. If there is’ inadequate interest’, we reserve the right to cancel up to ten days before the event. If there are ‘circumstances beyond our control’, such as the illness of the presenter or the unavailability of the venue, we reserve the right to cancel at any time.

If we cancel, we will inform delegates without delay and offer a full refund of the monies paid. We may, at our discretion, offer an alternative event; but delegates are under no obligation to accept this offer.

We will inform all delegates of the cancellation using the email address supplied at the time of booking.  On rare occasions that an email address was not supplied, we will use our ‘best endeavours’ to inform the delegate concerned.

3. Refunds

Our objective is to provide refunds quickly, but this is dependent on the way in which the initial payment was made, and the time that has elapsed.

We use PayPal to process payments from PayPal accounts, and credit and debit cards. Payments made in this way can be refunded through PayPal up to 60 days from the date of the original registration. After this time it is not possible to provide refunds though PayPal and it is necessary to use alternative means.

For payments that were made by PayPal more than 60 days before the date of the refund, and for payments that were made directly; we will contact you by email, using the address supplied at the time of booking, to arrange a suitable method for the refund. This will be either:

  • Direct payment into a PayPal account
  • Direct transfer into a bank account
  • Cheque through the post

We may need to request further information to make the refund using your chosen method. (e.g. the email address of the PayPal account; the account name, sort code and account number of the bank account; or the address to which the cheque should be sent).

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